Sustainably raising chickens on pasture in beautiful Northeast Iowa. In doing so we seek to be a steward of God's creation by upholding the dignity of our land, our chickens, and our customers

Raised on Pasture


Our chickens spend the first two weeks of their life in a deep bedded brooder. Then, as soon as they are mature enough, we put them out on pasture. On pasture our chickens are allowed to express their natural chicken behaviors. They run, scratch, peck, and eat bugs, seeds and pasture. This environment makes our chickens happy and healthy. It also benefits our pasture as the chickens stimulate and fertilize the soil.

Non-GMO Feed & Drug Free


Our chickens are feed non-gmo feed that comes from a local mill (Riverside Feeds). We deliberately ration our feed to the chickens to make sure they grow in a healthy manner. Combining our non-gmo feeds with the new patch of pasture they receive everyday, our chickens are nutrient dense, low in fat, and great tasting! All of our chickens that we sell receive no antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. Raised in a natural environment with fresh air and green pasture, our chickens stay healthy. 


Raised with Care

Our chickens, raised by our family and in small batches, receive the care that they deserve as God's creatures. We do this both for the chickens themselves and for you, the consumer. We love raising these chickens and building relationships with our customers. In turn, we hope that you love getting to know us and partaking in the fruit of our labor.  


Where Does Your Money Go?

When you purchase a chicken from Seeking Eden Farm your money goes to 1 of 3 places:

  • Charity: CLIMB for Haiti ( This non-profit charity works alongside Haitians to better life for street children and the disabled in Haiti. 

  • Our Kids: our kids are working alongside us, doing chores, and investing their own money into the chickens. As such, they will receive part of the profit!  

  • Growing/Sustaining Seeking Eden: We will retain some money for future endeavors (growing Seeking Eden) and needs (like licensing costs). 

Our Mission

We are a small farm located in Northeast Iowa, just outside of Fort Atkinson. Our goal is both simple and straightforward, yet incredibly difficult. At Seeking Eden Farm we seek to restore, in some small way, the harmonious relationships that God originally intended between people, people and creation, and ultimately, people and their Creator. 

How do we do this? We raise nutrient rich, great tasting chicken in a sustainable way that respects:


  • the dignity of the chicken. They're raised in a natural setting with the utmost care, out on grass with a fresh patch of pasture everyday and are fed non-gmo feed. 

  • the dignity of the land. Everyday the chickens are moved, allowing them to naturally fertilize the pasture (no chemicals used) and stimulate healthy soil activity. This promotes a sustainable and ecologically enriching form of agriculture. 

  • the dignity of the customer. We know our customers, we care for them, and we treat them as a person, not as a number. We want to give you the best tasting and nutrient rich food you can get. A consumer should be able to know where their food comes from, how it was raised, and who's selling it to them.


We'd love to hear from you!

Seeking Eden Farm

2609 County Road B32

Fort Atkinson, IA 52144

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